Book review

Book Review: Deep State by Chris Hauty

Book Name – Deep State

Author – Chris Hauty

Publisher – Simon & Schuster

Page Count – 372


“Trust no one”

“Kill – or be killed”

What an absolutely mind-numbing thriller it was! I was extremely excited to read this one book since the day it was arrived at my place. And OMG! I have to say that my excitement was worth all the time spent on this novel. This debut political thriller novel was absolute page-turner for me. As soon as I read the blurb, and I saw a belligerent woman as a lead character at that very moment only it become “my-type” book.

The story is fast paced thriller about Hayley Chill, U.S Army veteran who has come all the way from West Virginia to Washington to be an intern in the White House. Peter Hall the White House Chief of Staff, under whom she is working tells her about the long-standing association “Deep State” in the United States whose sole purpose is to vandalize Richard Monroe’s Presidentship and to remove him from all of his powers. But when Hall is found collapsed in his home things become nastier and Chill being the only one who discovers that it wasn’t a natural death and suspects the wide-ranging conspiracy is running beneath this powerful government.

The book is power pact on action and drama and from the very first page I was totally absorbed into it. The fluency of the language in the book is appreciable. I hope Hauty continues with this Hayley Chill series as the female spies are the coolest and intriguing, as she is brilliantly portrayed character and definitely the author has done his research about this one of the most powerful administrative power in the world.

This novel was a roller-coaster ride with mystifying plot and very precise character development.  I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!


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