Book review

Dream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha Book Review

Book Name : Dream Beyond Shadows: No Ordinary Tourist

Author : Kartikeya Ladha

Publisher : White Falcon Publishing

No.of Pages : 265


This is the original tale of Kartikeya Ladha and he has depicted his story through strong, hard and rough times and thus emerging as a leader. It shows the society’s pressure at different stages of one’s life, then how and what we learn from it and about the situation. Dream beyond Shadows is an autobiographical travelogue.

It’s a story of an adventurous person that leaves behind the hustle and bustle of New York City, leaving his fancy job and home in a city “which never sleeps”. He winds along the Ayahuasca, through the tribal magic of Shamanic ceremonies in the Amazon Forest, into the icon legacy of Peru’s sacred valley and the sublime energy of the Megalithic Machu Picchu. Mr Ladha has written this book to share that it’s possible for everyone to just break away from the time-bound limitations, society’s never-ending shackles and to abandon the grip of past. He is trying to convey that we all should take up that first step to have a positive outlook towards an extraordinary life with all its beauty and darkness – beyond the land of shadows

Inspiring story of a bag packer and through his story, he’ll take you all on a voyage to Peru, from Peru to Amazon and then back to Peru. One will be able to conquer their dreams which are beyond shadows far beyond and embracing the reality of living in a different lifestyle. While leaving New York he never gave a thought to what will his parents say and what will the society think of him and hence this gave him confidence and with this, his journey of self-realization and discovery started.

Language is basic and lucid, narration is engaging since beginning of the book. Various pictures and illustrations in the book will help readers connect to it at a different level. This story will definitely help people to take up more expeditions and travel more, not for the world but more for themselves and thus leaving people seeking more in their life and taking up a path towards the actual life and also having their reality based on their absolute truth, which ultimately rest in all of us.

Rating  : ♥♥♥½/5

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