Hi! I’m Kritika. In order to ramble about books with you, I created this blog. I’d love to talk to you about books or anything of import! On this blog I share my views, experiences and feelings about the books I read and express my views largely with the world!

My main and foremost intention of making this blog is that I always wanted people to read books as much as they can and while they are on any of their travel expedition or maybe something else, because reading is never going to be wasted and it comes handy at utmost situations of life. I’m largely fascinated by nature and its different forms, therefore, I try my best to capture the scene in my camera and bring out in front of the world, that there is so much to explore.

Who is Kritika?

I’m Kritika and I’m a fervent reader, writer, traveler and a curious mind at large. I like to invest my time in a book and my eyes traveling through each page of it.

When I was a child, I always had that zeal and enthusiasm to explore more and write up about those things which I wasn’t aware of before. Hence, this wont of mine propelled me towards books and thus, I discovered my love for reading.

If you are ever short of some pennies and unable to purchase a book, the cover of the book attracted you towards it or if you are really interested in reading a particular book but is hardly getting time to read it then, in these cases, please don’t worry because, I’m there to help you. Therefore, you can ask for a book review of that particular book and, I assure you to write up a review of it within 24-48 hours.

Where can you contact me?

Email – rovingsavant@gmail.com