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To Naddiyaa by kavya Sharma Book Review

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Book Name – To Naddiyaa

Author Kavya Sharma

No.of pages – 186


The book has been written in lyrical poetic form, with the usage of many metaphors. The only word that first comes to my mind, at the very first instance after reading this book was spellbinding.

I just can’t believe, how beautifully the entire novel has been written, with the storyline revolving only around 4-5 characters. The concept is new and the idea of writing the story in letter format has impressed me quite a bit. The story has been told on part of a mad lover (Durjoy), which travels in flashback.

The plot revolves around a woman named Nadia, her husband Durjoy (mad lover) and her brother in law Pranoy (Nadia’s love). There are some other important characters as well in the story like Durjoy’s father and mother (amma) and Nadia’s son Iman. The story is in the form of letters which Durjoy had written for Nadia long back, but due to her inability to read and write, she was unable to read them. So, finally she asks her son Iman after long time to read them to her, as they hold a very special place in her heart.

This piece so truly depicts one sided love story and also the fettle of a mad lover who is insanely in love with that one person only. This book also makes me understand one thing clearly that we only feel the importance of a person in our life, until they no more remain a part of our life. This is what happens with Nadia, through those letters of Durjoy, Nadia came to know the reality and then held herself guilty for everything that happened in the past.

Talking about the English part of the book, it is good enough. Vocabulary wise also it is really good. The essence that book contains of true love is heartfelt. The candor of Nadia’s innocence is depicted perfectly.

Some of the most beautiful lines from the book, “I love you, maybe a little more than yesterday, maybe a little less than tomorrow”, “Loss is a little more uncompassionate than hopelessness for it guarantees you nothingness”, are unforgettable. Many beautiful metaphors have been used in the entire story, but at some point, it seems like too many have been used and thus, it created confusion in the beginning. And to be honest, it took me sometime to understand the plot and what the story is all about and thus, I lost some of my interest, but the end didn’t thwarted me at all.

This book is an effusive journey of a lady who discovers her mad lover’s love after many years of his death with her son.

So, go travel with her through the capricious journey to rediscover the past with his poetic words.

Rating – ♥♥♥♥/5


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