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From Ashes to Dreams by Rashmi Trivedi Book Review

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Name – From Ashes to Dreams

Author – Rashmi Trivedi 

Publisher – BlueRose Publishers

No.of Pages – 194


Rashmi Trivedi, the bestselling author of, “Woman, Everything Will be Fine!” She is here with her another amazing book, “From Ashes to Dreams”, with the protagonist Naina. The idea of the story is very intense and at one point of time, it becomes heartbreaking.

The things which need to be unraveled are the emotions of the characters and how they are weaved by one string that binds them together, by the author. The connection of one character with another on mental as well as emotional level is significant.

The orphanage is the locus of the story, it starts from there. Naina the lead, was an orphan and used to live with Shanti Amma (owner of the orphanage) and her two best friends who were left at the orphanage, same day as hers, Kusum and Raghav. Shanti Amma was closest to Naina, as she reminded her of her own daughter. Slowly and gradually, all the three children are grown-ups now and moves out of the orphanage in their own world, as future holds something special for them that no one knows.

Well, at first the story seems like a normal track, that is, the love triangle (Kusum, Raghav and Naina) . As I said, it is not only limited to that but much more is there to discover. Naina is a teacher and falls in love with one of her student’s parent named Siddharth (single parent), but suffers a heartbreak after one year of their relationship due to some unavoidable circumstances and then what happens in the end as we all can predict, she goes in depression and tries to commit suicide. The attention grabbing part of the story starts from, that how with the help of Dr. Anurag, a nurse named Rajitha and her best friend Raghav, she is able to revive once again.

But, that revival was not an easy one as it holds, one of the most twisted part of the story and it is succor. The character of Dr. Anurag is shown in high charisma and I think it is justified, much impressed by this character. Over all the storyline was absorbing, the start was casual but the end was a roller coaster ride. In beginning one may find the story little dull, because the idea is not novel, but still one needs to keep their attention onto the book for a happy and beautiful ending.

The title of the book is apt as finally Naina from being in a wretched existence rose above it, and lives her life the way she always wanted to live.

Rating – ♥♥♥/5


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