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Table for One by Neha Bindal Book Review

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Book Name – Table for One 

Author – Neha Bindal

Publisher – Half Baked Beans

No.of Pages – 171


Travel is love! Yes, especially for the people who love travelling to the unknown places in their life and to them, wandering alone in altogether a different country feels like heaven. The outside world attracts everyone. The scenario depicted in the book was so relatable. Every household’s story is the same and that is to get their daughters’ married before 30 and this thinking has been struck in every parents’ mind (that we call orthodox mentality). And, so the same situation has been portrayed in the author’s life too. How hard it becomes for her (Taara-the protagonist) to convince her parents that she is not yet ready for any kind of marriage in her life.

Talking about the storyline, the setup is of a typical Indian family, who is after their daughter to get her hitched as soon as she turns 31. But, Taara is in no mood for the wedlock, after her so many unsuccessful relationships and then soon she decides to take up a journey which will lead her to places, where she ends up learning so many new things. That one trip changes her life forever, and to know in which way, I would suggest my readers to read the book.

I literally found this book quite interesting. I totally loved the concept of the book and plus a positive point is that, while reading of this book, I never got bored as there are a variety of characters which I came through while reading this book and which kept me engaged.

Taara is shown a strong girl with a lot of determination and is adamant on doing, as to what she wants in her life and wants to do. One, may find quite a similarity between this book and the movie Queen (A Hindi movie), but there are many more things and qualities which sets this novel apart from the movie.

Loved the way, the author has beautifully described each and every place (different countries and situations). I, myself is a big travel freak and if I look at it from the traveler’s point of view, it was enjoyable. By raising the society’s point of marrying off their daughters when they are not even ready, I must say this book holds very much importance and the writing has been much intensified by bringing up this major topic. Also, the chapters were not long, which actually gripped me throughout the novel.

Talking about the English part of the book, it was average and one can read it with much ease. The highlighted aspect of this book is that, the characters are many and they keep changing and thus, much interest has been created for the reader. Variations are quite important in any book so that we don’t get bored at any point of time. My favorite character was Fred (want to know who is Fred, read this amazing book and one will get to know everything). Let me also know, how it feels to reading this piece from Miss Bindal.

Overall, a must read book with a very strong social message and particularly, those who are single and are not afraid to find the true love of their life.

Rating  ♥♥♥♥/5


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