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ARC review : Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The Bow of Rama (Book 2) by Gunjan Porwal

Gunjan Porwal has created a mythological world that will leave you wanting more and will keep you riveted throughout the end.

Book Name: Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The Bow of Rama
Author: Gunjan Porwal
Publisher: Om Books International
Page Count: 336
Book Link: Amazon | Goodreads

Synopsis on Goodreads:

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Ashwatthama’s Redemption: The Bow of Rama is the sequel of Ashwatthama’s Redemption: The Rise of Dandak. The story traces another action-packed chapters of the journey of the immortal warrior, Ashwatthama, son of Dronacharya.

The Battle of Dwarka is over at the high cost for Ashwatthama and his allies as they lose the only weapon that could have killed Dandak. They regroup and strategize to counter Dandak and the asura army, and a new revelation sends Ashwatthama on a journey to find answers to difficult questions. War looms over Avanti and Hastinapur, and Dandak’s reign starts spreading across Aryavarta. As the killing spree begins, loyalties are questioned.

Ashwatthama must once again face his past to find the solution to this devilish conflict in the web of complex relationships, friends and foes. Magic and dark arts, divinity and sophisticated weaponry, physical strength and mental stamina, moral convictions, and strategic war-plans – all play a role in deciding who will win the final battle.

My views:

The battle of Dwaraka is finally over but with a very high cost for Ashwatthama and the party. After losing their only source and only ray of hope to fight against Dandak – The Bow of Rama, now Ashwatthama is in desperate need of some miracle that could help him and the allies to stand up against Dandak and fight for what is right and what is meant to be there’s. Now they regroup and have to form some hard battle tactics, to fiercely counteract Dandak and his asura army.

The 2nd part in the Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The Rise of Dandak, The Bow of Rama – follows the story where the first part ended and is not on a good note for Ashwatthama. It consists of a recap about what all happened in the first part, so it gives the readers a glimpse of everything that took place in part 1 of the series in short. But now the terror is looming on their heads, greater than ever. Ashwatthama is still wondering, can The of Bow of Rama be destroyed so easily? The mighty celestial weapon that has been through a plethora of hardships is no more? This leads him to discover some deeply hidden truths that might change the fate of the war.

Wow! What a roller coaster ride it was. Everything is so well-paced and explained that even for a minute you won’t feel left out and the characters are highly relatable. Almost everyone has reprised their roles, with an addition of only 2 or 3 new characters about whom the descriptions have been given. This book is wonderfully crafted and each element is narrated with precision from drama to friendship, from hatred to love, and from struggles to achieving the feat. The setting of the second part of the book is the war scene which becomes very intense and also gripping at the same time. It might be gory for some, so just a bit of advice that read that part with precaution.

This is one of those few series where it not only highlights the protagonist but also glorifies the supporting characters and makes them shine. I think most importantly world-building is superb. The way the whole plot has played out is amazing. It felt like I was watching a movie full of action and drama thus leaving the characters felt live. I highly recommend this series to everyone irrespective of your age, the genres you read, or your gender. This title should be on your high-priority TBR list.

The twist and turns in the book just left me spell bounded and it convinced me to pick up more mythology-based books in the future. Gunjan Porwal has created a mythological world that will leave you wanting more and will keep you riveted throughout the end. Highly recommended.


Recommend me some of your favorite mythological books.


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