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ARC review : Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian

Gold Diggers takes an utterly hilarious dig on the Indian-Americans for their love and addiction to Gold. The Gold forms the basic premise of the book, with the love, loss, grief, romance, alchemy, and a gold heist which all takes the book on another level!

Book Name: Gold Diggers
Author: Sanjena Sathian
Publisher: Penguin Press
Page Count: 352
Book Link: Amazon | Goodreads

My views:

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The book starts with Neeraj aka Neil Narayan and Anita Dayal who are both Indian-American high-schoolers residing on Hammond Creek in Atlanta with some big future dreams and want to be successful in their lives. Anita’s mother Anjali Dayal is her home’s basement alchemist who has discovered some solid benefits and the potency of drinking molten gold. Struggling with high school Neil comes across a way to harvest other’s ambition and imbibe them through his neighbor and childhood crush, Anita. But no sooner a tragedy befalls, leading Neil to realize the cost of his borrowed desires for success is high and something that will nag him for years to come.

Fast-forward to 10 years, Neil is in no contact with Anita and is now a history student and performing his thesis on Gold Rush in America. Unable to conjure up anything in this regard, he comes up with his version of a Gold Digger on Isaac Snider as a narrative exercise. This was the most entertaining element for me in the entire book, which was humorous nonetheless.

The premise sounded promising of this book which made me dive into it straight away. The desi American version was captured authentically and the part where the parents want best for their children was relatable. I guess this scenario is the same irrespective of wherever you are residing or either you are an Indian-American or not. Students aiming for their ambition was a fun part to read.

I think firstly I’ll talk about the part which kept me riveted. The desi American family dynamics and of course alchemy (magical realism). The execution of Lemonade (no spoilers though, those who have already read will know what I’m talking about), i.e., it was very enjoyable and the whole process piqued my interest. Also, since it was a perspective of a male POV, it was refreshing to read. Therefore, the reflection on culture, relationships, and the tech was well written. If I talk about the language, it ranges from mediocre to good.

It’s time for me to talk about those things which I didn’t enjoy at all. The main protagonist Neil was a flawed character. Addicted to drugs, alcohol and no direction or intention of what he wants to achieve in life or his goals. Always prone to selfish acts, carelessness, and self-disgust. I felt the acts of Neil and Anita, when compared to a normal high-schooler wasn’t at all relatable. There were many grey areas in the book. I felt like the author was out of explanation which created a gap in the storyline and also in terms of characterization. There was zero-character development in the case of Neil. Although, after the leap of 10 years, Anita seemed to do pretty okay-ish. The first half of the book was very slow-paced, the second half was much better and enthralling.

The narration was fine, but the storyline wasn’t compelling. It wasn’t like I was blown away by this book. Work on the MC could have been much better. The end left me baffling with so many doubts, which I’m not even sure would be cleared or not. Anyway, the final verdict for this book is that the hype wasn’t worth it at all and the book left me disappointed.

“We just don’t want generally auspicious or lucky gold, which we’d surely get from a store. We want something someone has invested in with very specific ambitions. For the future”

Sanjena Sathian
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Tell me what will you prefer, Silver, Gold or Diamond or maybe none?? And why?? Write down in the comment section below…


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