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Set in the mafia world, read this book – The Bird Streets by K.R. Rieber

Book Name: The Bird Streets
Author: K.R. Rieber
Publisher: New Degree Press
Page Count: 197
Book Link: Amazon
Book Review:
The Bird Streets eBook: Rieber, k.R.: Kindle Store

The Bird Streets follows Alieta Montoya, a twenty-something girl and the daughter of the very famous owner of the Grand Havana Beach hotel in Miami, Marco Montoya the businessman, and the underworld mafia. After the demise of her father, now Alieta wants to run away from her place and start afresh in a new place with having her share of the money from her father’s empire. Rosa Montoya, Alieta’s mother, and her Abuelita try to stop her from going, but with the urge of having a huge load of money and living the life that she always wanted to – money took the better part of her, and just like this, she flew away with the blackbird, leaving her family and her native place far behind.

But things take a turn when she realizes that her late father has given up everything on the name of the guy called ‘Scorpion’ and this way Montoya’s won’t have anything with themselves. Now, Alieta is on her mission to decipher the secrets behind her father’s empire and a person named Scorpion. She is determined to find Scorpion, make things right, and take everything which was Montoyas.

On a journey into freedom, I lost myself. I lost myself in the throes of my own delusion…

K.R. Rieber

I enjoyed the plot of the book. The first half was very interesting and the fact that this book is only 190 pages, made me read it with a quicker speed. Alieta is a badass girl, who never takes no for an answer and is ready to handle come what may. The raw portrayal of power, hunger for money, anger, and frustration was nothing but brilliant. I think many women will be able to relate to the book.

I felt the pace slowed down in the middle of the book and the impact that the book could have created was lowered. Alieta’s anger sometimes takes better control of her, leading her to take some stupid decisions. The book was confusing at times but the language helped to grasp the storyline, without being muddled. The language was smooth and flowy and understandable. The Bird Streets will provide a chilling and thrilling experience, exposing many dark realities of the high-end parties, drug-dazed world, and the media’s corrupt business dynamics.

I will be looking forward to reading more from K.R. Rieber in the future. Overall, it was a one-time read for me!


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