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A must read memoir: I am a Girl from Africa by Elizabeth Nyamayaro

I don’t often read autobiographies or memories but whenever I do, they leave an everlasting impression on me. I am a Girl from Africa is an excellent personal account and details of the life of Elizabeth Nyamayaro, an African who chased her dreams despite all the harsh circumstances and the conditions she lived in and also the first one starting the very successful initiative of #HeForShe.

Book Name: I Am a Girl from Africa
Author: Elizabeth Nyamayaro
Publisher: Scribner Books
Page Count: 261
Book Link: Amazon


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Born and brought up in a small town of Zimbabwe, Goromonzi alongside her grandmother, Gogo, was part of a close-knit family. During a drought in her town and a near-death experience, she never knew that she’ll get her life purpose, and eventually it will transform her life completely. In a forest, while she was struggling to get up from the ground and run for her life, a Girl in Blue Uniform (United Nations aid worker) came and fed Elizabeth warm porridge and water and saving her life from extreme hunger and malnourishment. Thus, this became the life mission that she would be a ‘Girl in Blue Uniform’ someday, working for her people, her community, and her country and giving them back.

While she was in Harare living with one of her uncles, Uncle Sam who acted as a guiding source in her life, and Aunt Jane, she worked and studied hard and got herself admitted to one of the best senior-secondary schools of Harare. Later she boarded a flight to London, and after a year of struggle without any actual work that could pay for her bread and butter, she finally landed a job of her dreams!

I loved this book so much! I think reading this book was a great learning experience for me because Elizabeth taught us that no matter what, we should never stop chasing our dreams and do everything we can to achieve our goals. She fought and fought her circumstances, her situation, and emerged victoriously. The book alternates between her childhood and her youth, describing her various humanitarian projects and also her early life in Goromonzi, Zimbabwe. It was truly a very inspirational story. I couldn’t put it down. She never took NO for an answer and that’s all made the difference.

Through this book I came to learn about so many new things and on a whole different level – that Iceland is the first country in the world to normalize equal work pay for males and females, there are no concrete laws about child marriage in the US, in-depth knowledge about the work done by organizations like WHO and UN and the amazing and successful results of #HeForShe movement. Her work speaks for herself, her sheer determination for gender equality is today changing laws and changing lives.

This is UBUNTU, a recognition that when we uplift each other, everyone wins.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Elizabeth made a difference in so many lives through her passion and perseverance all over the world, that it will inspire generations to come and will always remind people to achieve what they desire. 

From a small village in Africa, she went on to become an award-winning humanitarian. Read this story of Elizabeth Nyamayaro whose groundbreaking ideas, worked wonders for so many. I am in complete awe of Elizabeth!

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