Book review

Book Review – Yes, Your Majesty by Jennifer Ann Shore. A sequel of Metallic Red…

Book Name – Yes, Your Majesty

Author – Jennifer Ann Shore

Page Count – 223

Book Link – Amazon


A compelling conclusion is finally here of Metallic Red, which left us hanging in between. This sequel is finally here to answer all the unanswered questions and curiosities.  When I completed Metallic Red earlier this year, I was left wanting for more and was rooting for Mina & Charlie, because I loved them together. But this one kept me on the edge throughout and I enjoyed how all of it turned out in the end.

We are introduced to the scene of Mina watching the graduation ceremony of Charlie and Eloise from afar and behind the fences with the two bodyguards behind her and this leaves the readers with much-needed curiosity. Yes, Your Majesty, continues with the story of Mina, now the Queen of Appalachia. After a full tiring day and the cremation of her dearest uncle, Derrick, now she is in the planning phase of the biggest event of her life and as the queen of Appalachia, i.e., unveiling of the vampires to the humans. There is a bizarre turn of events where Mina is made aware of a 300-year-old vampire roaming freely in London and is day-by-day killing people. After a rift with Theo, Mina doesn’t know what to do? Whom to turn up to for help? When she unknowingly falls into the trap laid by witches. Will Mina be able to overcome everything that is thrown at her and become the queen as her uncle envisioned her to be one day or will she crumble under the agony of it all?

Wow!! What a plot twist it was, which nobody saw coming. Mina’s character can be seen developed and as a protagonist, Shore highlighted her as much as she deserved. That being said, I loved the way how the novel progressed and most importantly Mina’s struggle with more of her human side and another two most important characters – Theo and Charlie. I was elated to read how Mina balanced her life when it came to meeting with the royals, her equations with Charlie and Theo, and her personal life. This was more about the confident Mina, unlike the confused one.

I think Shore ended this sequel well. The pace with which the book was set, was pretty good and comforting to read. I would have loved to see more of Mina and Theo and the entire gang, but since this was the last part, I’m quite satisfied with how this all ended. The writing style was lucid and engaging.

I will recommend this book to all the Bella fans. If you are up for a vampire fantasy, then dug into it right away!!

Rating – 3.75/5

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