Book review

Everyone needs to read this book asap – Me, My Dad and the end of the Rainbow by Benjamin Dean!

Book Name – Me, My Dad and the end of the Rainbow

Author – Benjamin Dean

Publisher – Simon & Schuster

Page Count – 332

Book LinkAmazon


Another 5-star read for me of 2021. A debut novel by Benjamin Dean, he just created magic with his story, his narration, and a wonderful description of all the characters. Firstly, a huge thanks to Simon & Schuster India for bringing this one hell of a book to India and at last at my doorstep. I was instantly drawn to this book because of the beautiful cover and illustrations. 

Me, My Dad, and the End of the Rainbow is a heartfelt story of 12-year-old Archie Albright and his life. Everything was going well and smoothly until Archie’s parents decide to get separated and things get a little weird. Soon, after that Archie’s father comes out as gay and now, he is afraid that this will change their relationship forever. Oscar, Archie’s babysitter consoles him and tells him not to worry as it won’t change their father and son bonding. But Archie’s concerns take better control on him, till when he comes across a flier of London Pride Parade and at that moment he knows, this is the place he is going to get all of his answers and maybe a feeble chance of reuniting his family.

“‘Gay,’ I said flatly. ‘You can say it. It’s not like the bogeyman appears behind you with an axe if you say it three times in the mirror.'”

Archie is super cute, along with his friends Bell and Seb, they form an amazing trio. Tbh, this book has my heart and I’m absolutely in love with all the beautiful characters. The whole vibe of the book is so well-written that one can follow Archie and his friends and I visualized myself alongside them and especially in the second half of the book. The book is set at just a perfect pace. The emotions felt so raw and pure. Bell and Seb are adorable.

I’m so happy about that, many people will learn about LGBTQ+ relationships, community, and diversity at large. The descriptions of the London Pride Parade couldn’t have been more precise and specific. This is one of the happiest days for so many people and some even call it “gay Christmas”. The second half of the book is majority about Pride parade with joyful characters and descriptions of gay people and queer characters of color along with drag queens, all are beautifully different and unique. This book isn’t only about great reps, pride, and colors and more importantly, it teaches us the art of acceptance and also about heritage. That parents can teach their children to be open-minded and accepting people as they are, being (gay, bi/les, trans, non-binary, etc.) is no big deal. Seeing such big lessons depicted wonderfully in a children’s book, was out of the world.

“‘Look, what I’m trying to say is you don’t just become a different person when you say you’re gay'”

Please go and read this book asap. It will make you feel happy, proud and it will be unputdownable. This was my first middle-grade of 2021 and I am glad it was the one. This book gives me hope and excitement and the way literature is forming for children, today. I couldn’t recommend this book more!!

My Rating – 5/5

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