Book review

Favorite Book of March 2021 – The Colours We See by Kaisa Winter. A must read for every romance and YA lover!!

Book Name – The Colours We See

Author – Kaisa Winter

Page Count – 356

Book LinkAmazon


A young and dynamic debut novel by Kaisa Winter is doing some great wonders. Firstly, I will talk about the cover which I loved. The book is beautiful inside and out and this YA is one of the best reads for me of 2021. When this book arrived at my doorsteps a few weeks back, I had little idea about the synopsis and that I’m going to fall in love with the love story of Liam and Hazel.

This is the story of Hazel and Liam, both broken in some of the other ways, and their lives tangled with each other. Hazel lands in the USA from her hometown London, finally breaking free from her overly-possessive mother back at home – in search of her passion, her dreams and explore more about her life and on the large part, the world but little did she know that life had some other huge plans in store for her. Meeting Liam Riley, the very famous singer and musician in America, was never the part of her exploration but as we say, some things are meant to happen in a good way which will be eventually changing her life completely.

OH, poor Liam! I feel bad for him. He is struggling with his own life, fighting with his super-religious parents. In rebellion, he has taken to overdrinking and drug overdose, which Hazel isn’t even aware of. When these two will meet, life ends up far differently.

I loved Winter’s writing and how evocative and artistic descriptions were. She doesn’t shield away from the brutal nature of pain and penning down flowing emotions of love or be it struggle. One of my favorite lines from the book – “Sometimes, Liam would let me sit with him as he composed a new song. It was a miraculous thing to behold, the way he reached into the ether and picked out the most exquisite verses, as though they were revealed to him like stars at twilight – one by one falling into place, twinkling mystery”.

To be honest, I didn’t expect this book to be a hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride when I first started it out. It is overwhelming to see the transformation of the protagonist – Hazel and how she puts herself together piece by piece and one can truly feel her character being developed which was indeed deserving. The friendship between the band members is nothing less than pure magic, their unconditional love, and support for each other, is something that everyone craves in real life.

The Colours We See is a well-balanced story. It is light-hearted because it was just so easy to get invested in the characters and their struggles. Everything is portrayed as very real and believable. It was also a seducing read at the same time. The story is just set at the perfect pace and whenever you feel like, you are going in the right direction, there is a new twist or turn in the story. I love the title, which is just so deep and beautiful in itself, and even the blue color cover page. I would honestly recommend this novel to anyone and everyone who thinks about the person they are BECOMING.

Love happy ENDINGS? Find out if you are curious.

TW – Drug use, mention of suicide, overdosing, drinking, smoking, and death.

My Rating – 4.5/5


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