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Welcome to the Zoo by Mishana Khot | Book Review

Book Name – Welcome to the Zoo

Author – Mishana Khot

Page Count – 176

Amazon – Check out the book here


The childhood of a person is of prime importance and helps in shaping up his/her future. Childhood days are the most carefree, fun-loving, and most adored days. Once we grow up, we tend to say and wish to relive our early years’ memories and reminiscences about them. Welcome to the Zoo by Mishana Khot is one such lovely and fantastic book that reminded me of the Malgudi Days. The tale was simple but yet very effusive.

Welcome to the babyhood of four young siblings and their lives revolving around Belgaum. The Khots, live in a large fort on the outskirts of Belgaum. The book describes sibling’s day-to-day life, Mahi the eldest, Izzy, Ritu, and Kuku, the youngest along with their daddy, aji (grandmother), and the plethora of pets residing with them inside the fort, from baby rabbits to fishes to Piranhas, it was all so fun to read about them. Their adventures, mishaps, fun-filled conversations, the early day’s innocence, and all clubbed together with nostalgia and bittersweet yearnings. The standalone stories described were witty, funny, high on humor.

The children are raised in a pretty unconventional fashion with an upbringing that gives them the liberty to think out of the box and ‘run wild’, teaching them the ideals of creativity, bravery, and loyalty. The characterization was great! There were instances where I laughed out loud and some stories made me quite emotional. The stories were mostly brimming with happiness and positivity.

The book made me nostalgic and helped me revisit my childhood. Even though it was a children’s book, I had a great time reading it and also about the four notorious kids. The characters were limited so it becomes easy for readers to understand and grasp the story. The narration of the book was good, and the writing style was pretty engaging, which won’t give you a chance of getting bored.

Talking about the English aspect of the book was lucid in a way. There would be a lot of relatable incidents and while I was reading and I was like, ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ and it was sheer happiness and joy.

If you are looking for some fun, light, and refreshing book then this is the book for you, don’t even think twice while picking it up. I would love to read more about Mishana Khot and her cute stories about life and family. If you are a fan of a children’s book, then go for it without a doubt. Light, nice and fluffy read to enjoy with a cup of coffee on your bedside table.

Rating – 4/5

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