Book review

In The Now by Jennifer Ann Shore | Book Review

Book Name – In The Now

Author – Jennifer Ann Shore

Page Count – 261


In the Now, the title is what pulled my interest in this book and I think it was all worth it. A contemporary rom-com to just snuggle up in these winters. Also, this book, hands down, is from my favorite trope, i.e., enemies to lovers – perfect romance.

Olivia O is a superstar singer who is back in her hometown after 10 years of spending in LA, chasing her career. Now, she is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to uphold her biggest mentor and father-like figure – Scott, as he is being awarded “Teacher of the year”. He is the one who supported her through thick and thin, during her high school days and is one of the most important persons in Olivia’s life. Now, she is at a crossroad as she’s facing writer’s block and unable to come up with good music as being a famous singer comes with its perks and downsides. But her world turns upside down, when she comes face-to-face with her high school bully – Noah Washington and she learns that Scott is suffering from advanced-stage cancer. What will Olivia do now??

Jennifer as always worked her charm in this book with wonderful narration and detailed descriptions of all the characters. This book was a little emotional. Olivia, after being a famous singer, is very humble and down-to-earth. Family is her priority at the moment and she is ready to handle everything, come what may. Noah is reserved but as a practicing doctor, he is always up for Scott. I can’t help but fall in love with Olivia and Noah together. They seem to fit the picture of a happy couple.

The book explores many major themes like self-worth, childhood friendship, mother-daughter relationship, the meaning of family, how a teacher can be of prime importance in a student’s life, empathy, and most importantly forgiveness. It was enthralling to read; how far can you go for the love of your family?? I loved this indie rom-com and I think Jennifer should write more from this genre! Pick up your copies now and right it!!

Rating – 3.5/5

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