Book review

Fantasy lovers need to read this debut novel by Greta Kelly, “The Frozen Crown”

Book Name – The Frozen Crown

Author – Greta Kelly

Publisher – Harper360YA

Page Count – 384


“I’m here for an army, not to play court politics”

The Frozen Crown is the first part of the duology that goes by the same name.

The story centers around Askia – the beautiful, young, dutiful, and rightful princess of the kingdom – Seravesh. Her grandfather was brutally murdered by her cousin, who is merely a puppet of another mad “villain” emperor of Roven, Radovan. Her parents were victims of another massive conspiracy, where they were hanged to death because they were witches – right in front of her eyes when she was just a 4-year-old kid. Now, she is on her way to one of the major kingdoms of Vishir, where she swears to seek an army and fight for her kingdom. This is easier said than done. Amidst the revenge that she seeks, Askia finds herself struggling with the court politics, the “so-called” rules and regulations of Vishir, a kindling romance, and above all a diabolical villain.

Askia is determined to protect her people, her kingdom, come what may. But being strong is not the only thing that she needs right now, but also the right judgments. Askia holds a deep-guarded secret within herself and if revealed it will put a full-stop to Askia’s ultimate mission.

A fantasy book without magic is incomplete, I liked the magic part the most. This book holds all the elements to make it a perfect fantasy book, that is, a bad-ass heroine, a despised villain, and with many magical moments. Askia is shown as a strong-headed woman, thinking straight and a no-nonsense taker. She is fierce and doesn’t suffer from the shyness of false modesty (general softness). Another important character, Iskander comes out as naïve and a little too sweet for himself, who is self-centered and self-obsessed. One of my favorite characters was Illya.

The opening scene is of the battleground/war field. It was a bit confusing with no foreplay, no world-building, and no insights about the happening with a plethora of names and banners.

Overall, I loved this book with the only drawback, where you are just thrown in a battleground and having no history of whatsoever is happening and you are just lost for the 20% of the book in the beginning. But as the story starts to fall in place, there are some complex characters where stakes are very high and unfortunately, the book ends with the main cliffhanger, which wasn’t not-so-unfortunate.

Overall, loved the book and would be eagerly waiting for the second part of the series.

Rating – 3.75/5

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