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Piranesi by Suzanne Clarke | Book Review

“The Beauty of the House is immeasurable, its Kindness infinite”

Suzanna Clarke

Book Name – Piranesi

Author – Suzanna Clarke

Publisher – Bloomsbury Publishers

Page Count – 245


“The Beauty of the House is immeasurable, its Kindness infinite”

I honestly had no preconceived notions about Piranesi, it was because of this amazing beautiful cover that I went straight into it without actually reading the blurb. This being my first book by Susanna Clarke that I have read. I think it was quirky and strange and thought-provoking and even learning that wisdom and knowledge play an important role in one’s life.

This book is told through Piranesi’s journals, he is one of the two human beings that is existing in the world. His memory is fickle and his journals help him remember things. Piranesi is a wonderful and pure soul and I would wish to read more of him… Piranesi believes whatever The Other tells him. He thinks that he knows this world and have been residing here since time immemorial. But since The Other just wants to get his work done through Piranesi, he always talks to him in a friendly manner without giving an inch of the doubt to him, that what exactly are his real intentions. I despise The Other and oh Piranesi! He’s lovely by heart and soul. I loved the idea that this book explores the theme of sanity, manipulation, and magic.

This is one of the most unique and interesting books that I have ever read. This book is so unusual that it took me a while to figure out, what is going on. At one point, I thought various theories have been clubbed together in a form of a novel. I felt it is strange, wonderful, and quite puzzling. The House is bizarre, a beautiful invention with a labyrinth of puzzles and enchanting occurrences.

I wonder how intricately Susanna Clarke created the character of Piranesi and made him come to life. I could imagine the House right in front of my eyes and Piranesi’s life. I would love to see this book’s movie someday; I believe it’s going to be very beautiful!

This is stunning with complex characters and the story was riveting. But overall, this book is imaginative and with a unique plotline, and captivating.

Rating – 4/5

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