Book review

Read “Metallic Red” by Jennifer Ann Shore, an amazing fantasy story of a half-human and half-vampire.

Book Name – Metallic Red

Author – Jennifer Ann Shore

Page Count – 300


Vampire stories are quite common especially when we are talking about the fantasy genre. But what makes each story stand out is the book’s narration and character and plot development. I think Metallic Red, was one such book which I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning to the end.

Mina Byron the lead portrayal is stuck between two worlds. She wants to be like every other teenager, a high school senior but being a half-human and half-vampire comes with its pros and cons. Her uncle Derrick – the vampire King of Appalachia when agrees to send her to one of the private high schools of the city, Mina is elated but, in her life, everything comes with a cost. The same happens this time, when her uncles make a deal in exchange for sending her to school. But will this deal, cost Mina her love life and friends and can put everything at stake that is dear to her.

In most of the parts of the book, I quite enjoyed the setting and the background story. The character development of Mina was quite evident. Mina trying her best to get settled in a new place and a new environment, the only school which she has ever attended. As she struggles to keep up with this new place, will she be able to cross all the hurdles in her way!!

Metallic Red is a stunner, a modern young adult vampire drama, and romance with the protagonist being a badass character. Mina is a strong heroine with witty dialogues and her inner monologue made the chapters quite enthralling. The mystery is the one that will keep the readers on the edge and will leave you guessing till the very end. Two very charming heroes in the story, made the book all the way more interesting – but whom will Mina pick? Which team are you in team Theo or team Charlie?? To unravel the mysteries of this sassy story, go and order your copies right now!

Rating – 4/5

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