Book review

Do you believe in God?? Read this amazing book by Shoba Narayan, “Food and Faith”

Book Name – Food and Faith

Author – Shoba Narayan

Publisher – HarperCollins India

Page Count – 283


Rationality cannot alter lore. Myths are carved in stone, and certainly, one that is so braided into the Indian psyche cannot be morphed so easily, even if it might potentially help the river.

Shoba Narayan

Food & Faith is an exceptional and vibrant journey of Shoba Narayan across the famous pilgrimages of India. From the very famous temples of Udupi to the lands of Kashi. Where thousands of people are served food at a time in Amritsar to one of the most historic temples located in Madurai. Shoba Narayan’s attempt to bring two of the most important characteristics of the people of India, i.e., Food & Faith has been done in the most subtle manner possible. Ms. Narayan has penned a detailed and wonderful description of various religious places with an amalgamation of faith with everyone’s favorite – food (sacred Prasadams).  

This book not only covers the ethereal smelling “Bhog” which is being offered to god but also the multicolored facets of our very own resounding culture, philosophy, and folklore of the people of India concerning numerable God places. Shoba Narayan takes us on a religious voyage across India with exotic and detailed descriptions of various Prasadams found in various temples, each being distinctive. This is a well-researched book and very deeply analyzed.

I loved her narrative style and how beautiful and witty her descriptions were. It was an instant connection for me with the book and the humor is something which we all need to learn from her, how to write in an “un-offending” manner. I loved the language of this book very much which was lucid. Recommending this book to someone who is a religious person and wants to explore various facets of faith and clear their doubts about blind faith. This is the book that will compel you to put on your thinking caps and gain firsthand knowledge on Food & Faith.

Rating – 3.5/5

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