Book review

An amazing Sci-Fi world has been created by Raj Anand in his debut book – Apophis: Into the Folds of Darkness

Book Name – Apophis: Into the Folds of Darkness

Author – Raj Anand

Publisher – Notion Press

Page Count – 456

Book LinkAmazon


“Sometimes we float amongst the clouds, while at other times we fly across a cerulean blue sky seated inside an emerald-green crystal spaceship”

Are you a Sci-Fi fan? If yes then this book is for you! You know what I enjoy the most about Sci-Fi novels, is that almost anything and everything is possible under the earth. There are infinite possibilities. And when science is added to fiction it makes anything a lot more interesting and enthralling, that you just want to dive into that world and experience everything happening right in front of your eyes. It’s like an imaginative and magical world that is heavenly inspired and motivated by science.

The book revolves around five ancient philosophers who have again taken birth (9-year-old kids) across five different time zones all over the world. They are set out on a mission to save the earth and to save the 2800-year-old deep guarded secret, which if revealed or if it gets into the wrong hands will bring havoc and even have the ability to destroy this world. Now, it’s time that all the superpowers of the world come together and work for the benefit of humanity. Otherwise, no one will be able to stop this war that will be unleashed by Skyllats from a different galaxy.

Apophis – Into the Folds of Darkness is the first book in the Kleos Chronicles, debut book by Raj Anand is a Sci-Fi that will create an everlasting impression on you. I have to say that I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I liked the fact that all the characters are well described and having a wide background, it creates a riveting storyline which will keep you hooked till the end. It is a well-narrated novel with special attention given to the minute details.

How well all the descriptions were, tell us a lot about this novel that Mr. Anand enjoyed this while writing as much as we did while reading. How beautifully the science elements have been amalgamated with the fiction and seem like a great researched book. I felt that the book was quite confusing in the beginning maybe because of the huge number of characters but later the reader gets acquainted with the setting. I found it difficult to connect with some parts of the book as far as Lazarok’s character was concerned. Talking about the language which was simple and fluent and this can be an apt book for any type of reader.

I think it’s a good book with quite a unique concept and also entertaining at the same time. I would be eagerly waiting for the second book in the Kleos series.

Rating – 3.75/5

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