Book review

In search of some exotic delicacies from all around the world read “Four Seasons at Angelino’s” by Caroline McBRIDE

Book Name – Four Seasons at Angelino’s

Author – Caroline McBRIDE

Publisher – Post Hill Press

Page Count – 305

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It was a very cute and refreshing love story! If you are a person who will enjoy the escapades around the world from the famous subway of New York to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal of Mumbai, from the beautiful cherry blossom season of Tokyo to the place famous for beaches Honolulu, from the city of love Paris to the historic UNESCO site of Saint Basil’s Cathedral of Moscow, then this book is definitely for you.

The story revolves around a very cute woman, Charlotte McPherson who is now 35-year-old and hasn’t found her prince charming yet. She is the PR head of the world-famous Italian restaurant Angelino’s which caters to elite people from different parts of the world. She has been sticking with Angelino’s through thick and thin and working her ass-off for the past 10-years without any actual increase in her salary. After a messy break up with a married man Jorge, she is now out on the venture to find the most suitable person for her, who will accept her and would make kids with her!!

10 years ago, in the evening while it was raining, Wyatt Ashcroft entertained her and made her heart pound louder, one of the most famous filmmakers in Hollywood.

Charlotte, the protagonist is described so very well, and even the side characters like Lorenzo, Marco, and Jack (owners of the Angelino’s) are also well penned. I kinda enjoyed this book and the setting and vibes everything was so relatable, funny, and good.

The story is delightfully fast-paced, filled with descriptions of exotic locations and drool-worthy food. I was enjoying the book because the protagonist travels around the globe and the beautiful author has narrated those locations with intricate details and food descriptions were amazing.

The author’s imagery and descriptions feel very relatable and fascinating however the desperation for the husband of the protagonist left me quite annoyed. Charlotte felt like a stereotypical character and sounded selfish and quite unlikeable in many moments.

This book is an amalgamation of moments where I laughed and at the same time, I could feel Charlotte’s pain and felt bad for her.

Overall, if you like travel books and want to explore some really tasty Italian dishes then go for this book.

Rating – 3.5/5

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