Book review

The Mother of All Parties by Padmini Sankar | Book Review

Book Name – The Mother of All Parties

Author – Padmini Sankar

Publisher – HarperCollins India

Page Count – 261

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I had a lot of fun while reading this book. I would say there wasn’t a single moment in the book where I felt bored or left out. The story was fun, humorous, emotional, family drama, and high on love and romance.

Pam wants a throw one of the biggest parties Dubai will ever witness for her twentieth marriage anniversary, which will (obviously) outshine Honey Sarin’s her biggest competitor in the neighborhood and co-called leader of her Kitty-Kat group. With a difference of only one week in their anniversary dates, Pam wants to make it as grand as possible. But as we say life is not a cakewalk, she struggles to make her life a little easier – when her ex-flame returns in her life making it more complicated, with an utter rude and stubborn daughter, a husband who doesn’t love her anymore, and make her feel like nothing, will she be able to focus on her grand celebration amidst all these hindrances??

Pam-Pam, what should I say about her? She is bold, fierce, beautiful – even at the age of around ’40s, a no-nonsense taker and a great business-woman. She is a woman who is not there to take “no” for an answer. She tries her level best to be a doting wife, a dutiful mother and at the time she has to maintain her reputation among her peers and co-called Kitty-Kat group.

I enjoy the way this story is formed in a stubble way that will keep the readers riveted until the end. The language is fluent and understandable. The characters are well described and detailed. The narration of the book is spot on, I’m sure this book won’t leave you disappointed. The book was enjoyable. It was wholesome, like – whatever one needs from a fiction book. I would recommend it to all the beginners and people who like “masaledaar stories”.

Rating – 3.5/5

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