Book review

Oasis in the Desert and other stories by Arushi Vats – A collection of 9 impeccable short stories!!

Book Name – Oasis in the desert and other stories

AuthorArushi Vats

Publisher – Notion Press

Page Count – 68

Book LinkAmazon


The Oasis in the desert is the first short story in the book and I think the name is so lovely along with a beautiful cover!

A 70 – page book with the collection of 9 (nine) impeccable short stories that will resonate through your soul and would leave you in awe and admiration of how beautifully these stories have been weaved around love, care, warmth, family, and emotional and mental understanding on a different and deeper level. Each story has a deep meaning and moral which will teach you the true essence of life and its meaning, through a different lens, perspectives, and analogies.

This is Arushi’s third book and even though these are short stories they will leave an ever-lasting impression on you. Many sentences and lines have deep-rooted messages in them and one can feel the author’s creativity behind them. Talking about the language which was fluent and lucid. With quite a few literacy devices used which will make it more interesting. I wish the book could have been a little longer and some more engaging stories. One of my favorite lines – “When the skin turns patchy and dry, I’ll embalm your anguish with my love and care and take you to a walk to the Milky Way.”

Each story contains a character that will pester you to turn on your thinking caps and rethink about your dreams, what are you seeking, your motivation behind things, and what is that – you want to achieve in your life.

I’m glad that I got to read this book and I hope you do it too very soon 😊

Rating – 3.85/5

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