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Love Heaven and Hell books with Angels and Devils?? Read The Genesis of Seven by Sara M Schaller

Book Name – The Genesis of Seven

Author – Sara M Schaller

Page Count – 358

Book LinkAmazon

Sara M. Schaller (Author of The Genesis of Seven)


In the beginning, he was one of us

A brother amongst us in

Our Empyrean Domain

The Genesis of Seven, a debut novel by Sara M Schaller is the first part of the series of The Empyrean Trilogy.

If you are up for a wild fantasy journey around the globe including heaven and hell with the archangels and Satan, then this book is definitely for you. Let me tell you, my sole reason for picking up this book was because of that gorgeous and beautiful cover. The moment I finished the first chapter, I was hooked to it.

The book talks about Jordon Conway, an eighteen-year-old who lives in an orphanage, headed by Sister Helen. As instructed by Sister Helen, he is to deliver a mysterious package that lands him to one of the archangels’ homes, where he meets Gabriel. Unaware of the grave situation he is in, Jordon reads the content of the letter given to him by Sister Helen and tries to decipher the hidden meaning. He always wanted to work for the upliftment of the poor and needy, but in the quest of helping people and assisting them with everything, he never thought he would have to risk everything he ever dreamt of.

First thing’s first, I loved the travel aspect of the book. As the story advances, the characters have grown and the story is weaved in such a way that it makes sure, readers remain connected to it till the very end keeps them on the edge. Jordon is a character who is not afraid to take anything, what may come in his way as from the very beginning he had the knack of serving and helping people, those who are in need. He doesn’t know what destiny holds for him but he is ready to face every obstacle with fierce attitude and bravery.

Talking about the angels, they are well described and portrayed beautifully. They all were concerned about Jordon’s health and made sure he ate and slept on time. As much as I loved all the angels and their characters and they are being his big brothers, I felt the story being dragged. I understand that Jordon’s sleeping helped him pass time, but in between, it felt repetitive. This being a fantasy book, there was no romance and I appreciate that fact. The story is being told in multiple voices which created a strong impact on the reader and indeed made the book very enthralling.

Overall, I loved the setting of this book and would recommend it to you, read it now as it is very unlike from your normal YA fantasy books. The author did a great job by letting her imagination run wild and writing detailed descriptions of Heaven and Hell. I’ll be impatiently waiting for the second part of the series. Recommending this book to everyone!

Rating – 4.25/5

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