Book review

Are you a sucker for thrillers? If yes, The Silent Patient is for you by Alex Michaelides

Book Name – The Silent Patient

Author – Alex Michaelides

Publisher – Hachette India

Page Count – 341


The moment I completed this book, I was overwhelmed by all the mixed feeling that was gushing in my head and then I was having so much to say about how things turned out when I was least expecting it and at the same time I was wondering how to express my feelings!

The premise is incredible and its very reason why I ended up loving this book. This book was on my tbr since the day it was launched and after so long, I finally finished it. The deeper you get into it, the more it will keep you on the edge and the suspense building up. In the end, BOOM! It will hit you hard.

Alicia Berenson is accused of killing her husband Gabriel Berenson, and since that day she hasn’t said a single word. Nothing in her defense and nothing when she was sent to the physiatrist facility center – Grove, so that she can be treated for her mental trauma and illness. There have been many therapists and psychotherapists but none have been successful in treating Alicia. There she encounters Theo Faber; he is a psychotherapist, who has very recently joined the team at Grove. Will he be successful in his attempt of making Alicia speak again??

Nothing is ever as it seems. The twist, in the end, will leave you wanting for more. This book was unputdownable for me. The reference of a Greek Tragedy – Alcestis, was something that piqued my interest in the book. All the characters were well crafted. Talking about the language of the book and vocabulary is lucid with stunning narration.

This debut crime novel by Alex Michaelides was thrilling, suspenseful, and above all gripping which was addictive and page-turner for me. Chapters were short and fast-paced, which was a good thing. This book will make you realize how childhood trauma, unsupportive environment, and lack of love and care from the family, can shape an individual. Hence, we should treat everyone with respect.

This thriller is a roller-coaster ride with all of its mysteries and complexities of each character. A must-read book for everyone irrespective of your age and your favorite genre. 

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My Rating – 4.5/5

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