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The Undeserving Boss by Hasina Saiyeda Book Review

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Book Name – The Undeserving Boss

Author – Hasina Saiyeda

Publisher – Think Tank Books

Page Count – 230

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The Undeserving Boss by Hasina Saiyeda talks about the stigma that surrounds the male-oriented workplace. In many parts of India, male counterparts consider themselves inferior if they are working under a female boss and this sometimes even leads to ego clashes and harassing. They become conscious of their surroundings and it is hard for them to digest the fact and reality of working under a female head when she has the capabilities of leading them to the path of goodness and prosperity.

The story revolves around a young girl named Ella, who is on a crossroads and unable to solve her dilemma that whether she should fulfill her dreams of pursuing an MBA from a foreign land or lift her father’s failing business. Ella’s father’s deteriorating health also pushes her to join the business and put her heart and soul for everything to get back in place. After joining the company MUSE which specializes in customer handling of hardware products, she was being looked down upon in her own office. Soon, she realizes some planning and plotting going against her under her nose which shocks Ella to the core. She discovers a scam running deep into the company’s system that can result in breaking their business into pieces.

Would Ella be able to decode this mystery and find the culprit behind all of this? What do you think, she is ready to sacrifice her father’s business for the sake of her dreams? Would MUSE, the company that her father started from scratch would be able to gain its reputation again in the market?? Read this book and find out all these answers.

I liked the concept of the story. I enjoyed reading all the characters of the book, although they could have been elaborated more. Ella’s characterization was thorough. She is shown as a confident and outspoken girl. She did her best for her father’s company. This is a corporate fiction drama, and I think the title and the cover of the book are very attractive. This was an overall package of emotional family drama, romance, thriller, and suspense. 

To be honest, I am not much impressed by her writing style it could have been better. I felt it was very plain and bland. The narration was pretty fine. If you are writing a thriller like this, with a good concept then your writing should be engaging enough so that it can keep the readers hooked till the very end. This book is good for beginners as the language is very basic. I liked the fact is Ella is shown a bold character and I enjoy reading these kinds of characters.

Recommending this book to all the beginners who are looking for some drama and thriller.

Rating – 3.5/5

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