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Want to know the secret behind the big-fat Indian weddings? Read, The Shaadi Story by Amita Nigam Sahaya

Book Name – The Shaadi Story

Author – Amita Nigam Sahaya

Publisher – Pan Macmillan

Page Count – 221

Purchase your copy here –


What makes the big-fat Indian weddings take the central stage in our lives and how they have impacted us??

“Indian weddings have traditionally been considered a marriage of two families, rather than just a marriage of the bride and groom”. This is rightly put forward by Amita Nigam. She has talked about the stigma that surrounds an Indian wedding. This is the point that has been discussed in over 200-page book, where each page brings some new insight and new theories, that needs to be enlighten among more people.

This book takes us deep into the journey of how Indian marriages revolved over the past centuries. Divided into seven chapters, each explaining the concept of Saptapadi or The Sevan Pheras (Vows), unravels in the deep-rooted mindset behind these big-fat weddings. There are various sub-topics within the periphery of each chapter, which brings us in the interiors and basics of a big-fat Indian Wedding, thus, making it more interesting. The Shaadi Story is an eye-opener and well-researched analysis behind the secrets of the big-fat Indian weddings and quoting every sentence of the book with all the references, surveys, interviews, theories, anecdotes, and researches. To make it more enthralling she has used the references from even Bollywood movies, Sanskrit scripters, and some western philosophies. This book will defy your dogmatic approach towards unethical and insincere practices, prevalent still in our country.

To be honest, Non-fiction is not my cup of tea. At first, I was reluctant to take up this book and felt that I would be bored easily. But as I started, I wanted to read more of it. To be honest what connected me most to this book was, how the story has been weaved. It was a page-turner and would leave you wanting for more. With a set of rich vocabulary, the narration of the book and formation was spot on. This book will force you to put up on your thinking cap and introspect on topics like gender inequality, nuptials, and ignorance. Do you think dowry is an important aspect of a marriage??

The book ends with notes, to make the readers understand and grasp the meaning of each theory and references used in the book. This is a deeply researched book with great writing skills. Don’t hesitate to pick up a dictionary, because I’m quite sure that you will be finding many new and extravagant words to add in your vocab list. There are no fabrications and the author has been bravely outspoken about all the things, which are considered taboo in our community.

I would be recommending this book to everyone, especially the youth (youngsters) and millennials as they are the people who would be making and contributing their best to make our future the best.

Rating – 4/5

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