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Book Review : Sunshine Town by Maniissh Arora

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Book Name – Sunshine Town

Author – Maniissh Arora

Publisher – Peacock Books

Page Count – 194

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Review :

The debut book by Maniissh Arora is a contemporary fiction where he has talked about teenagers and the life they undergo. Nowadays, as we see students having a lot of anxiety and pressure for clearing competitive exams and building a reputable career for themselves. And, if you have determination and confidence then you are tended to cross all your limitations and achieve what you have dreamt.

First, we encounter the settings around the airport, where the protagonist Shlok has a connecting flight to Boston and waiting in the boarding section he dozed off. There he meets Yana, his college friend and while he discovers that they both will be traveling on the same flight, Yana has already exchanged the seats with a co-passenger and is now sitting with Shlok (main character of the story). So, now the story travels in flashback while Yana demands on telling more about his life.

The story is set in Varanasi, where Shlok lives along with his mother and father. He is shown as a young and carefree boy but as his exam approaches, he starts getting the feeling of working his ass off and scoring good in his exams. Shlok has to fulfill his parents’ dream of becoming a doctor and make them proud. But as we say that achieving success is not a cakewalk and the same happens with Shlok. So, this is the journey of Shlok, where he crosses all the hurdles and proves that yes, he is capable enough of doing something big in his life.

I think Shlok’s character development was very good. One should be zealous like him for his/her career. I liked Shlok’s parents who were supportive of everything that he did. I enjoyed reading the part where Shlok pushed himself in bringing out the best in him. If you are a person who needs some serious motivation then you should pick up this book. The language style is very simple and smooth and one won’t have a tough time deciphering word. You can finish this book in a single sitting.

Talking about different characters of the book, I’d say Natasha’s character didn’t impress me much (portraying Shlok’s love interest). She sounded mysterious to me and details were missing from her characterization. This same goes for Yana, although she is a good friend of Shlok, there is no elaboration on her part in the book. Character development could have been better. I liked how the book picked up the pace in the end, because in the middle it become quite slow but nonetheless the book ended well.

River Assi played an integral role in the story. The metaphors were very good. Want to know more about her? Then go and pick up your books right now. I’ll recommend this book to the beginners. 

Rating – 3.5/5

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