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Book Review : Ignited Emotions by Devanshi Sanghani

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Book NameIgnited Emotions

AuthorDevanshi Sanghani

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“We are driven by what we desire deep within.

And if committed enough, we turn out to be victorious.”

The debut book by Devanshi Sanghani is a collection of short poems, ideas, and personal thoughts depicting deep feelings about heart, mind, and soul.

It explores various themes, ranging from love, heartbreak, pain, happiness, sorrow, acceptance, struggles, and so on. It was compassionate to read such proses. The language was lucid which made it a delightful read. I’m not an avid prose or poetry reader, so yeah it was kind of new for me as well. It sounded like the book had the essence of the author’s personal experiences.

Those beautiful illustrations in the book along with every poetry were very pleasing to the eyes. The author’s simplicity is shown in her writings. The book teaches you some important lessons, like “We all wait for someone to rescue us from the fall. Until one day when we realize, we ourselves have to come out of the fall”.

There were some very absorbing pieces, which I enjoyed reading like “Ruffled Pages” where she explains her love for old library books and their smell. “Burning Desire” where she has talked about her desires to just keep on going in life no matter what. I think readers will be able to connect with her through these beautiful poetries.

The book is not so long and I finished it within an hour and I think you should try it, which is available on Amazon Kindle at a meagre price. Each piece deals with different topics and talks about a variety of morals which indeed was a learning experience for me. I would say there’s a scope of improvement but as a new author, she has done a great job with her first book.

Rating – 3.75/5

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