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Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale Book Review

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Book Name – Milk Teeth

Author – Amrita Mahale

Publisher – Context Publishing Company

Page Count – 320

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Set in the ’90s, I felt like Mumbai just came alive in the book. When I first read the title of the book “Milk Teeth”, I wasn’t able to decipher what could be the story all about? I saw the cover and read the blurb and then I thought to give it a try as I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book. It sounded promising to me. The Debut book by Mahale is worth a read.

This is the story of two childhood friends Ira Kamat and Kartik Kini. They were together since the day Ira was born, as Kartik was 2 years elder than her. The place where they resided was Matunga in Mumbai, a dilapidated building Asha Niwas as it has not been renovated for years. Kartik, the son of Ashok Kini, and Kusum Kini have resided here since time immemorial as his grandfather first arrived in Mumbai during the time of Independence. On the other hand, Kamat has been living in his humble abode for the last 9 years.

After 11 years, childhood allies Ira and Kartik met on the terrace of Asha Niwas where a meeting was in progress which soon will be deciding the fate of the residents and the establishment. Ira is now a fierce journalist who publish stories about corruption and crime, while Kartik works in an MNC.

The story is divided into three segments, first being all about Ira and Kartik and their childhood experiences. Second, being about Ira where her journalism ventures deep into the issues of the city. Her adaptive nature for the city. The third is about Kartik who is keeping pace with the fast life of Mumbai but struggling with his own identity  

This is not just a love story but it has shown the transition of Bombay to Mumbai in the economic, political, and cultural aspects. It was a subtle read with vivid description and effortless writing. I think the narration was well developed. The only thing I would say that I wanted a concrete ending and more of the main characters. I want Milk Teeth part 2. I was only disappointed with the ending or maybe my expectations were too high. In the midst, the book became very slow but finally picked pace in the end. This is not an amazing book but worth putting your efforts and reading it.

Rating – 3.75/5

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