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I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella Book Review

Book Name – I Owe You One

Author – Sophie Kinsella

Publisher – Penguin India

Page Count – 384


D’you want to dance?

‘With you?’ I peer at him.

‘Yes’, he says, with elaborate patience. ‘With me’.

‘Oh’. I take another sip, thinking about it. ‘No. I don’t’.

‘But you owe me one’, he says…

A small treat to heart ‘I Owe You One”, by Sophie Kinsella is short and a very good read. It was a funny and high on humor story with a pleasant setting, satisfying characters, and a well-blended story that makes a perfect combination. 

The story is set in London. Fixie Farr can’t help getting things fixed always. She has to put things right even if it’s a small stain somewhere that is not visible to the people. This is how she got her nickname, after all. But, when it comes to speaking anything in front of her siblings, she always has ravens around her and feels that anxiety and hence unable to express her in front of anyone.

So, one fine day, a very handsome stranger in a coffee shop ask her to watch his laptop and she ends up saving it from a very big disaster. To thank her, the laptop owner, Sebastian scribbles an IOU on a coffee sleeve – but of course, Fixie doesn’t intend to use it. Until then, her teenage crush Ryan walks back into her life and asks for her help, and Fixie turns to Seb. But things don’t go in her favor as planned and this time she owes him big. So, from here the game of IOU starts – from small favors to life-changing ones. Fixie is again on a crossroads to choose between Seb or her family.

Hence, the question is does she have the courage to fix things for herself and fight for what she wants, her life, love, and family??

I found the perfect blend of love, humor, hatred, comedy, and a story full of drama. It even sometimes seems so real and relatable and the characters are amazing. My favorite is Nicole, as the way her character is woven is pretty mesmerizing to read and the way her every statement just drizzles away somewhere in the air just like this statement – ‘Compassion is actually very much a Buddhist concept,’ she informs me, plugging in the curling wand. ‘if your compassion doesn’t include yourself, it is incomplete. That’s the quote from Buddha. You should get into Buddhism, Fixie. It’s like…’ I wait for her to tell me what it’s like, then realizes she’s finished just like her usual self.

The language of the book is quite fluent and the vocabulary part of the book is frabjous. I loved this book but it could have been better, as far as concerned with the character Jake. Otherwise, overall a must-read for all the lovers of rom-com. Why don’t you go and read this book and cherish your memories with your loved ones? And, do learn some great things from Fixie as well.



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