Book review

Book Review : The Binding by Bridget Collins

Book Name : The Binding

Author : Bridget Collins

Publisher : HarperCollins India

No.of Pages : 439


“We’ve have been called witches since the beginning of time. Word-cunning, they used to call it – of a piece with invoking demons… We were burned for it too. The crusade wasn’t new, we’ve always been scapegoats. Well, knowledge is always a kind of magic, I suppose”

The book is amazingly beautiful. This Historical fiction mixed with folklore and magical reality; a love story is what is surely gave me feels. This was the first time that I have read such an original topic, and it completely entrapped in into its pages.

This is a tale of a boy named Emmett Farmer who is plagued by his nightmares, which in turns effects his work. But, one day he receives a letter, telling him to go and live with a binder, to learn the trade of book-binding, a job that promotes prejudice, dread and superstitions among the community. From there begins a very unusual love story. An unfounded fantasy tale, an enthralling social complex commentary in a world that we live and breathe in.

There Emmett becomes the binder Seredith’s apprentice and this is his story, also a story of a rich brat Lucian same age as of Emmett’s and their paths have been crossed several times and none of them remembers and hence this makes a combination for the book. A book binder’s responsibility is to assist those who wants to forget or erase their bad memories, and craft them into amazingly beautiful bindings. The book is divided into three parts, and each part depicts a different tale. This novel has explored and explained accurately the dark side of book binding and those who use it for manipulation for people who rely on craft.

One day confused Emmett discovers a book with his name printed, thus, he becomes very curious to know what its pages hold…

Bridget Collins has created such a mesmerizing experience for her readers, that everyone will be awe who will be reading this amazing novel. I found myself completely immersed into the characterization, as they were so real. A complete package of hopes & dreams, drama & mystery to pain & pleasure. This book is utterly compelling and irresistible.

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥/5

2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Binding by Bridget Collins

  1. Amazing review Kritika…
    I was waiting for book that gets 5 hearts from you..
    It’s finally this book & I am getting that book asap & read it.
    Like every time, your work is inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing that you read all my reviews with so much of dedication, it means a world to me and my work.
      Thank you so much Jagjit for the appreciation, and I’ll be waiting for your feedback about this book 😁


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