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Nobody’s Child by Kanchana Banerjee Book Review

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Book Name – Nobody’s Child

Author – Kanchana Banerjee

Publisher – HarperCollins India

No.of Pages – 327


The winner of reality TV show “Indian Koel”, Asavri Bhattacharya dies in a road accident, but was found alive after two years, laying on the streets of Mumbai.

Kanchana Banerjee did a great job with her second book and I really liked it. The title is apt with the story. The cover of the book is very well designed. The book is a thriller mystery and what unravels later is going to be shocking for all her readers.

The story is set in Mumbai, the city of dreams. This is a story of a girl named Asavri Bhattacharya who came to Mumbai all the way from West Bengal to chase her dreams and to prove that she has got something to show to the world. But as we say that all the stories do not have fairy-tale endings same goes for this one. Amidst, all the auditions and preparations for the reality TV show Indian Koel, Kamini Devi the glamourous MP, wants her daughter Tanya to win it. She is kind of a woman who wants her work done either by hook or by crook. When Asavri is found on the streets of Mumbai, dazed and covered in wounds, her mind is clearly addled by drugs. She keeps muttering only one name, Monty.

Curious to know who is Monty, then why not take up this book and read it?

Kanchana Banerjee came up with a unique plot with this book. The eyes shown on the cover page is of Asavri’s. As soon as I started with the book, it kept me hooked throughout. It was an enthralling read for me. The story is divided into two parts, first part being the flash back memory of Avniel when he first met Asavri on the audition of Indian Koel and secondly the after story when Asavri comes back from death.

The chapters are divided on the basis of the characters in the novel. And each character has his/her story to tell, thus making readers remember what incident happened on which date and when and at this point I felt that this book is little bit confusing but over and all, I had an amazing time reading this book and loved every part of it.

Must read!!


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