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Book Review: The Selfish Betrayals by Abhishek Kapoor

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Book Name – The Selfish Betrayals

Author – Abhishek Kapoor

No.of Pages – 271


Abhishek Kapoor’s debut book, The Selfish Betrayals was a nice read. I liked the concept of the book and the storyline. The cover could have been more interesting and according to the title, after reading the story I would really say that, the title is not justified and to be honest, I could not really understand maybe the deep meaning behind it (if any).

The selfish betrayals is a story of a very famous private investigator Monty C Dhingra, in the entire Kanpur. He is on a mission to decode the murder mystery of a famous actor of Kanpur Scarlett White. He along with his apprentice Chetan Prasad, have to find the culprit before Police and so they try their level best to do the same and, in this process, a series of events takes place and being a smart investigator, Monty tries to find the clue in everything.

The book turned out to be highly unexpected in the end. One may find it a very interesting book and might be intrigued and I am also not denying this fact, it is a good book, but the pace of the book is very very slow, one may become quite bored of it, if not read with patience and interest.

According to me the concept of the book is good, but the narration of the story is not at all satisfactory. There were many grammatical errors, that I could rectify. It was the story which could only be made out of description of things and there is nothing more to it. I was expecting much more from this book, but it wasn’t able to stand up to my expectations. The outstanding part of the book was obviously, when Monty revealed the murder mystery portion, other than that I felt a bit left out while reading this novel.

I would recommend this book only to the book enthusiasts or those people who have the patience to go with it till the last page last word, and wouldn’t be bored.


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