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Book Name – The Billionaire’s Funeral

Author – Elijah Brahms

Publisher – HarperCollins India

No.of Pages – 258


The billionaire’s funeral is a brilliantly made up book with amazing plot and really justified characterization. After I finished the book, I was like why did this book even get over??

The title of the book is very apt, but the cover could have been more interesting so that the readers could have been more intrigued. From the very first word when the book started, till the end, everything was very well researched and have been executed really well with so many twists and turns,which in turn made me hooked to this superb book.

This is a story of a billionaire named Chad Cohen who was once a working man but due to some reasons he was fired from his job. Then he was fuelled up by his anger to make big into this world and show people what he is capable of doing. Slowly & gradually with the help of Michael Cole, he becomes a big shot in the world of business. In this process, he didn’t realise about how many people he had fired, hired and had done the wrong to people. Then on one day, Chad’s world comes crashing down and by the time he realises, what is going on, he is totally screwed up.

I really liked the concept of the book. All the elements are well linked to each other, i.e., how the past has been narrated differently from the present and the good thing was that it didn’t create any confusion. The protagonist Chad Cohen is shown a man of strong virtue and diligent towards his work. This book is such a thriller that it will pull its readers into Chad’s business-oriented world from page one itself. The transition of character is very well executed from Chad Cohen ,the arrogant man to sweet natured Chad Cohen. I literally loved his character.

I loved this book completely. In the beginning it may seem a bit boring, but please just hold on the pace & continue with it. I am quite sure one wouldn’t be disappointed after reading this fantastic novel, a racy thriller.



    1. You have always motivated me to read books with your amazing reviews.
      This is also one of your awesome reviews and i would really love to read this book!!
      Keep Reviewing, Keep motivating!!

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