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The Pretender by Katie Ward Book Review

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Book Name – The Pretender

Author – Katie Ward

No.of Pages – 232


This novel is such a cute love story and I loved every part of it. The debut novel of Katie Ward is worth appreciating the efforts put in. This novel can definitely be turned into a movie. The cover of the novel is very beautiful and eye-appealing not even from the front but even from the back side of the book. The characters shown on the cover are the two leads in the story, i.e., Sophia and Isabella.

This is a story of two girls born on the same date in the same city and altogether with different backgrounds. One is born in royalty, Isabella is a princess and hire to the French throne, while other one Sophia is born in poverty and abuse. Both are finding ways to run away from their life. One wants freedom from her life full of restrictions while the other one wants to get free from her abusive father. One-night Sophia runs away from her house, there she meets Princess Isabella and a turns of events tasks place and they both end up exchanging places.

After that mysterious night both of their life chances forever. The book reminded me of the movie The Princess Switch, now I don’t know if movie is based out of this book or vice-versa. But I would say that this novel is very beautifully written.  The characterization is amazing and the language is easy to moderate. This novel is a satisfactory twenty-first century love story and it contains everything from a Prince charming to a villainous father. The elements of love, friendship, bond of a child with her parents have been intensified and will make you feel from inside.

Author has covered all the sensitive topics very carefully and sympathetically. This is a book for all type of reads from teens to adults. The only think which pricked me was, the plot was slow in the beginning and maybe I was expecting more, the book could have produced more spark.

Overall the book is worth reading and I’m recommending this book to everyone as it is very soothing, relaxing , comforting and will definitely give you fairy tale vibes.


2 thoughts on “The Pretender by Katie Ward Book Review

  1. I just loved this one more great review by you.
    Reading it this time felt like you are telling telling me the story but then I realised it’s just a review.
    I really look forward to read this book soon.
    Once again an awesome review.

    Liked by 1 person

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