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Book Review: A Lot Like Love & Other Short Stories by Nidra Naik

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Book Name – A Lot Like Love & Other Short Stories

Author – Nidra Naik

No.of Pages – 218


This book strives towards the hardships faced by human beings in day to day life. It reveals the human side of survival and hope and their instincts to tell what is wrong and right. And about the bonds that they form with other human beings and their struggle for the same.

This book is a combination of six stories which are entirely based on different themes and a moral attached with each story in the end. I really liked the concept of the book. All the stories are based in and around Cuttack, a place in Odisha. These are the sages that will take you across borders of America and then back to the streets of New Delhi, Balasore and the barren lands of Nabarangpur.

All stories are written in simple and lucid language, could be read even by a beginner, the stories are also being portrayed in a very realistic manner and one will be able to relate them to some extent. The first story “A Lot Like Love”, was personally very much relatable to me. The characters of the love story have come out very well and I somewhat felt it was very much similar to my own story and found the story quite good. The only thing was the pace of the story, where I would say was very slow and one may get bored, but it’s worth reading till the last word. Every story will teach you something or the other for sure.

Author has described each and every thing in detail which wasn’t needed much though. I would say about the first story where many incidents are being repeated and it became monotonous to read the same thing again and again but in different manner. My favorite story was “The Black Idol”, it is about a doctor and how religiously he carried out all his duties without being biased about the people.

Overall the book is good and for all type of people as this book is a blend of various themed stories.

Happy reading:)

Rating ♥♥♥/5

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