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Where Will Man Take Us by Atul Jalan Book Review

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Book Name – Where Will Man Take Us

Author – Atul Jalan

Publisher – Penguin India

No.of Pages – 318


“…personal data is the new oil of the internet and the new currency of the digital world.”

“If a robot behaves in a way that we would consider uncouth in a human, then by Turing’s standard we should describe that robot’s behavior uncouth.”

“The perfect partner might need to be charged before bed.”

The book “Where Will Man Take Us”, by Atul Jalan is a book talking about new man’s world and technology where the man who began this journey won’t be the man who ends this journey. This book explores the various aspects of society as a species.

So, are you a science student? Does that sound like it needs a bit of science background? No! not a bit, but a hell lot of it. And all I could understand were the physics laws to AI to the various shifts from genetics to having sex with robots.

The best part about this book was the characterization of the subjects when one meets with other. Like what happens when biology meets mathematics or when it became big and met Big data and Big money. I was amazed at the authors brilliant performance and the ease with which he has handled all the topics ranging from computer science including machine language to machine learning. He had his flow in writing and did justification on being a science student, if he’s one of them! I’m sure he is. He has provided the plethora of every scientific details weaved with a whole lot of philosophies from four thousand years back to the present generation technology and the possibilities of future in a single book.

But if you aren’t a science enthusiast then you might feel left-out and may not continue with it. Nevertheless, you can find the authors intention of writing this high-standard units of phonemes and how he has focused upon the never-ending possibilities by showing us that the ‘The Boxes Never Stopped Opening’. He has included all those scientists name which, almost each one of us would have heard during our school days.

The writing style of the author is very lucid and classy. A great deal of research has been conducted by Mr. Jalan which is quite evident by the various quotes used throughout the book as it is divided into five diverse section each different from the other. The pace of the book is good in the beginning but slow as one continues reading it. It will make you feel something out of your comfort zone and it is worth reading till the end.

Last but not the least is the learning one can take from Atul Jalan -Mysteries are meant to be solved and there is definitely an end to all the mysteries we often come across or hear from the great minds. On the other side, the future is endless because we will always find more.


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