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Book Review: Under her Cursed Scythe by J.M.Wong

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Book Name – Under her Cursed Scythe (First part of “The Blessed or Cursed Series”)

Author – J.M.Wong

No.of Pages – 556


What a mind-boggling, thrilling and awesome novel it was!

The first part of “The Blessed or Cursed Series”, by J.M.Wong, under her Cursed Scythe is very amazingly written with all the characters well described. At first by the cover of the book, I wasn’t able to make out what the story is all about, but later as I dived deeper into the novel, I was not able to keep this aside due to the curiosity that emerged in me about what is going to happen next.

The story is about this little girl named Alivia, who is a harmless girl by day and a merciless killer at night. Alivia stops at nothing to reap souls. But, one day while reaping souls she is encountered with a group called as BLESSERS, who are neither witches nor witch-hunters but bears the characters of both. After her meeting with them, she starts doubting the intentions of her killings and thus, she leads her to discover the dark and cursed secrets that lead her to this path and her witchy family.

Loved the concept of the book, the dark series is very thrilling to read. This is just not a normal fantasy book, but it has that power to keep your attention on it till the very last page of the novel. It is not very normal to show a young girl in a dark character who is busy killing people mercilessly, so it was a unique experience for me to have read this book. The book is a mixture of magical fantasies like spell, love, hatred, magic, pain etc. The book is set during the Halloween and will definitely give you chills in the world of secrets, mystery, magic, souls, witches, blessers and so on.

All the characters have really come out very well and they have grown with the development in the story. The cover is beautiful, which truly depicts a dark theme. The book has plots with many sub plots build in it and with the upcoming series it has the potential to do great. I will be eagerly waiting for the other parts of this series to read.

Only on econ which I could have found with this book was that the size of the book is very small, so the font was indeed small and it gave my eyes a lot of strain while reading it and was sometimes creating confusion, hence for the next part I will be hoping that the book size will be big enough. The language was good and appealing. A must recommended book for everyone to read it.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Under her Cursed Scythe by J.M.Wong

  1. Thanks a lot Kritika, you really inspire me to read a lot of books. This review was also awesome as usual.

    I’ll really look forward to read this book.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m new to this reading world (and even WordPress for that matter). 🎬 films have always fascinated me more than 📚 books. Still, based on your recommendation, I’d give it a try. 😄


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