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Natasha Mehra Must Die by Anand Sivakumaran Book Review

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Book Name – Natasha Mehra Must Die

Author – Anand Sivakumaran

Publisher – Fingerprint Publishing

No.of Pages – 212


Why only Natasha Mehra?

I was also having the same question in my mind, the moment I had the first glimpse of this book. Well, must say a nice way of creating curiosity in the mind of the reader. And to be really honest this book left no stone unturned to maintain the same hype till the end.

“Natasha Mehra Must Die”, is the first part of Doomsday Trilogy by, Anand Sivakumaran, an acclaimed director of many Hindi TV serials. The cover of the book is very intriguing and enthralling. The cover creates a stir in the mind of the reader, as to, what is going to happen next…

The book is slow in the beginning and was quite difficult to get grip but, a little patience and you will not be disappointed at all. The book revolves around Natasha Mehra, the most unpopular girl on campus, discovers, someone is slaughtering every women, girl and child named Natasha Mehra. Though she always hated her name she could never have believed that this could be the reason, she could be running from a gruesome death. These are not some random murders but a strategic killing by a secret organization, named Kul. There, they hire a woman named, Appu but she helps Natasha to save her life. So, it is basically a very good book with a rich vocabulary.

I enjoyed the fact that the characters and murders of the book are linked to Hindu mythology in a very unique way. The language may become bit complex as some readers may find difficulty in grasping the meaning of the sentence and story. This story is a great portmanteau of everything, from humor when you are least expecting, emotions that are bare and real to horror and ghastly murders.

Book can be completed in a single sitting as it is very fascinating, also one will have a hard time soaking the ending of the story, which is very unpredictable. The writing style of the author is meritorious and I will be eagerly waiting for its other parts.

I want a movie to be based entirely on this novel covering all the three parts of it, so that even the non-readers can enjoy this amazing book as it will keep everyone on their toes. A must-read book. Highly recommended to all the lovers of suspense, mystery and crime-thriller novels.

Rating ♥♥♥♥/5

2 thoughts on “Natasha Mehra Must Die by Anand Sivakumaran Book Review

  1. Thank you very much Kritika.
    This book seems to be enthralling.
    I will for sure read the book as soon as i get it.
    your reviews always inspire me to read books.YOU ARE GREAT

    Liked by 1 person

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