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Book Review : The Closure-Journey to My True Self by Sweta Sureka

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Book Name – The Closure-Journey to My True Self

Author – Sweta Sureka

Publisher – The Notion Press

No.of pages – 169


Debut novel by Sweta Sureka is a nice try, a light read with a lot of drama. This is a must read for all the women out there, irrespective of the age.

The book “The Closure”, is all about Aarti, a common woman who is not at all happy in her married life. Her life is mundane and simple. Her husband (Rishabh) doesn’t love her at all and soon she finds out about his infidelity. And at that point, she finds solace in the company of a guitarist and soon realizes that she has fallen for him, on knowing about her husband’s  involvement in an extra martial affair she confronts him but soon realizes that all her saying was futile. And then there comes a time when Rishabh even ask her to leave the house but Aarti decides to stay in the relationship only for her son’s sake.

Now, it’s interesting to see, what happens next?

How should Aarti handle this situation?

What would you have done, had you been in Aarti’s place?

The pace of the story is quite slow in the beginning, but it’s gripping. The story is fully stuffed with drama and could be converted into a Bollywood flick nicely. Emotions of the characters are well depicted in the book. Language is quite simple. Plot is good.

Some points, like details of each and everything makes the story being dragged. The title is apt as it shows how necessary is a closure to move on in one’s life. Book is good but narration could have been better. Little grammatical errors may break the flow and also portrays about today’s generation and the things they give importance in life.

Over and all a nice and simple read.

Rating – ♥♥½/5


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