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Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen Book Review

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Book Name – Light as a Feather

Author – Zoe Aarsen

Publisher – Simon & Schuster

No.of Pages – 376


It was supposed to be a game…

The debut book by Zoe Aarsen, is not for the soft-hearted people!

The story has been brought out exceptionally enigmatic, and it seems like the characters have come to life. The cover of the book is so beautiful as well as thrilling and suspenseful at the same time, and it conveys a lot about the book. By cover, one can definitely make out the genre of the book.

The storyline in itself will give chills, down your spine. The genre of the book is horror and is absolutely creating a scenario of frightfulness. So, the story revolves around this girl named McKenna and her friends Olivia, Candace, Mischa and Violet. Earlier McKenna used to be a studious and chubby girl in school days, but with her transformative summer, she was welcomed into the gang of most popular girls of Weeping Willow High School, led by beautiful Olivia Richmond.

It was Olivia’s birthday and the group of five decided to spend the night at her place. After, playing all the games and gossiping about every possible stuff, bored and what to do next, when Violet came up with a game, “Light as a feather and stiff as a board”, to play. That night, the game changed everything in their lives with the entry of Violet, a new mysterious girl in the town of Willow. As she gave an elaborated, scary and creepy description of her friends’ death, for that moment it seemed harmless but nobody knew what future held for them.

Until, exactly after one-week Olivia dies in the same way as described by Violet, things turn out to be strangely repulsive. Slowly and steadily Violet rises to popularity in the school. With the passage of time, things become more messy and awful when some spirits started haunting McKenna every night in her room and she understands that Olivia’s death was not mere a co-incidence but a lot more than that.

Let’s join McKenna on her journey, as she pledges to find out the mystery behind Olivia’s death and how is Violet connected to all this, with her cute neighbor Trey, as they were in love with each other.

The book has absolutely done its part very well, of conveying the story to its readers in the best possible way. I totally loved the concept. As soon as I started with this novel, I wasn’t able to keep this book away and it seemed like I was watching a movie in front of my eyes with intricate details. A web series has also been made, which is inspired by this novel. Only, the part which I found down the track was the ending of the story. The flow was broken, as it seemed like end has been written in a very haphazard manner and the author is somewhat in a hurry to finish with the book.

Otherwise, overall the book was amazing, my first impression of this book was really good and it didn’t disappoint me. Also, it is able to convince the readers to wait for its second part too!

I myself, will be eagerly waiting to read its second part as well.

Rating – ♥♥♥♥/5



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