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A Long Way Home by Mitali Meelan Book Review

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Book Name – A Long Way Home

Author – Mitali Meelan

Publisher – HarperCollins India

No.of Pages – 312


“Coffee teaches us life lessons, like the importance of taking one sip at a time and pausing every now and then to reflect on life”   – Mitali Meelan

Mitali Meelan’s book has worked its charm very well on her readers.

Earlier in the beginning of the book, I wasn’t able to make out the genre by the name of the book and also what the story is all about. But as I dived deeper into the story, then I wasn’t able to keep this book aside as it kept me hooked throughout.

The Adhikari’s is a normal Indian family or they pretend to be one. The story revolves around two brothers Ishaan who finds his passion in cooking by becoming a chef and Arihant who aspires to be a writer, and delves into their life. The story is a family drama and after such a long time, I have read such a book focusing on something different from the regular Indian mentality of choosing career paths that doesn’t involve any risk and their life is only limited to, getting an engineering degree, finding a corporate job, earning money and get married.

The protagonist focuses more on their career path and works hard to achieve it rather than going for what their father want them to be, as they weren’t able to gain support from the family. The book talks about individual’s preferences and their interactions with family, society and life. I totally loved the book’s concept and how the characters were built up and are growing as the story moves forward, the storyline is very relatable and people will be able to connect to it on mental as well as emotional level.

Now talking about the English part which is very fluent and lucid and one can easily understand the plot as it is interesting and gripping. Also, I never thought that I will be able to finish this book in one go.

Title is amazing, and the cover has a hidden meaning in it. And it tells us that, the two brothers by blood but poles apart by mindset, still connected by a string and that string is their hunger for striving towards their passion. The book is little bulky also if I have a look at the cover then it is not much eye catching, but as the famous saying goes by, “Never judge a book by its cover”, same is the case with this one as well.

A much recommend book of this year.

Rating – ♥♥♥♥½/5


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