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And the Roses Bled by Mehak Daleh Book Review

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Name – And the Roses Bled

Author – Mehak Daleh

Publisher – Fingerprint publishing house

No.of pages – 222


Beware! This book is not for the light hearted people.

Highly impressed by the storyline, the intensity of the story was so deep, that it gave me Goosebumps in many different circumstances while I was reading the book.

Mehak Daleh’s debut novel was efficacious, and I absolutely loved it. The genre of the novel is horror fiction and unlike many other horror books that I have read as of now, the set up in this novel was not at all exaggerated and that is what I consider a plus point, which indeed makes a good novel.

The story revolves around a girl named Alisha and her best friend Ravneet. This book portrays their fight against betrayal, depression and vengeance. The story is about child abduction and the callousness of a human being against the other, up to what level a person can stoop down for his personal enjoyment and pleasure. The style of writing is the only thing which sets this book apart from other horror genre books. As Alisha’s sister Nina was the victim of child abduction, hence Alisha decides to decipher the truth behind this mystery and wanted to know, who took away her only sister.

For an amateur, it may take some time to grasp the plot. Because, for some starting chapters one may not understand what’s going on, but hold on and keep reading as it contains many unusual things. The recently gone Halloween with “And the Roses Bled”, was a perfect read, as some part of the story was spooky and will give you chills. But, definitely a must look up for the people in love with horror books.

My most beloved line from the book and here it goes “My great dream in life has been to own a old fashioned library with hardcover books, they are convenient, if anything; but I have a thing for that slightly musty smell of old paper, it is intimate”. Also, these are the lines to which I can relate the most. I would love to read this fiction over and over again. Talking about the language and grammar, which was regular and one may not find any problem while reading this.

And really the roses bled, when the faces were painted!! A mystery for the readers to discover and let me know in the comment section below, if you were able to reveal it or not.



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