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I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh Book Review

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We all have our own love story and everyone’s unique in one or the other way and got its own charm. I too have a love story (my own story not the book’s title), it is pure as bliss and extremely beautiful, not everyone gets to see this type of love story. While, talking about the debut novel of Mr. Ravinder Singh, he brings a promising love story, which is indeed unique in its own way.

A happy going guy Ravin is well off in his own world with his three other best friends from his college time- Manpreet, Happy and Amardeep. But, no sooner did Ravin register himself on an online matrimonial site just to check out some girls, his world turns upside down. It was here he had found his girl-Khushi. Gradually, through late night conversations and phone calls they fell madly in love with each other. The story is not over yet, as we say that, not every love story has its fairytale ending, same goes for this one. The ending was seriously very heartbreaking. Especially, for the ones who could connect with their own life event on mental level. Also, the way story is depicted is truly enthralling.

There is one thing that didn’t go down well with me about this book was, it seems like the author has tried his best to maintain the suspense till the end of the novel, but, I guess he failed in this. The name of the chapter reveals a lot about the story before reader could proceed forward with this book and thus, gets the idea of what could they expect next. Altogether there are nine chapters in the book and among those nine, one or two chapters are about 50 something pages long or more, which is quite annoying.

Sometimes, it became quite difficult to put your thoughts into words and specifically for a new author (then), Mr. Ravinder Singh has done really a very great deal with his first work. Some things were so mesmerizing to read like the bond shared by four best friends. The way, love has been portrayed and the feeling you get for your first love, is what the best part of the book was for me.

One thing is for sure that this book will surely keep everyone on their heels and I was so addicted to this book that I finished it, within only three hours. If someone is really into rom-com, then this is a must read.


Author: Ravinder Singh

Pages: 198

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