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Devi, Diva Or She-Devil by Sudha Menon Book Review


Amazingly written by Sudha Menon unfolds the lives and struggles of being an independent women and portraits them beautifully. I had heard of Miss Menon many times but this book was never on my wish list but, no sooner did I look at its cover, I connected with it instantly.

The stories of many women combined together is really an inspiration and I would surely suggest every women out there to read the book and believe that struggles and hardships are just the part of one’s life, and after overcoming them, success comes at your footsteps.

As I started the book, I came across many women from different walks of life, like Farah Khan, Mary Kom, Nisaba Godrej, Sharda Ugra, Kalpana Morparia, Aruna Jayanthi, and the author herself sharing their experiences of building up their own career independently and also with the help of their family and friends. But once they are married their career is not over yet. The comforting news is that each of them have faced most of them, so a peek into how they dealt with them is both insightful and educative.

It surely acts as a true guide for women and girls to break out from their nutshell and barriers of the society and live up their dreams and aspirations. As we know that the road to the top is not easy but one who got pure hard work and determination will surely going to make it to the top.

I’m very much inspired by the line of Nisaba Godrej (Godrej consumer products): “I believe in 10000-hour rule. Don’t expect results on day one. You have to first prove yourself to your cause. Decide what you want to do- motherhood, career or both-and once your choice is made, have confidence in it and stand by it.”

The line, “Behind every man, there is a woman”, is true, but after reading this book my perception changed and the vice-versa of the above line is also true enough.

Miss Menon writing style is pellucid, and she puts her each and every point forward in a vivid manner. As I dived further into the book, I got to know the deeper meaning of relationships with friends and family and especially with your own children and also about the careers in different, bold and so-called male dominated fields.

Acts as a true inspiration for me, and a must suggested book to everyone.


Author: Sudha Menon

Pages: 256

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